Driving lessons ?!



  1. … un bateau de location …., c’est ” fun” quand on peut ainsi se le ” fumer…!!
    Ndlr: si on ne peut même plus s’amuser avec le bien d’autrui ..on va s’ennuyer un max..!

    Par contre , n’abîmez surtout pas la peinture ni les vernis de…..MOOOON bateau à …MOOOI.!

  2. Interesting to watch the whole crash test video, I was quite surprised that the keel showed no visible damage after the running aground testing, a few scratches on the hull but that was it, ok the damage to the bow was extensive but all in all the boat comes away from all those collisions surprisingly intact. Strong little boat, do they test all yacht makes like this or do they rely on computer simulations? Very interesting thank you. ?