::Life At Sea::
Don’t be deceived by staged photos, pretty sunsets and amazing destinations. Life at sea is hard. It’s exhausting, it can be lonely, physically challenging, emotionally draining. I love my job, but it is still a job, and as a human being it’s impossible to be happy and enthusiastic every second of every day! The workload is demanding, and the days feel too short to achieve everything you would like. With the little free time we get, I often find myself choosing between whether to eat, call home, do laundry, even showering when all I want to do is sleep!
Luckily, with the negatives come a lot of positives. I get to push myself everyday, see new things, see the world in a way few others get to see. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are good and bad things about everyone’s lives that they may not choose to share – but I want to be someone that you can trust to show you exactly what my life at sea is like ?
Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  1. I have done this for 8 years I. The early 1960. Old vessels not all the electronics as a engineer, I know exactly what you are saying, and sympathize with you, however I never had a moment that I regretted the life we had onboard.
    If I needed to do it again I would without hesitation.

  2. I miss the life…even the being awakened to stand my mid watch on three day duty!! Maybe not so much that…lol, but ya know what I mean! ?

  3. I have experienced that and i still to this time, sometimes i feel that i need to quit. Somedays you are totally happy but the other days you depressed and you aren’t able to breathe … but life goes on the sun will rise tomorrow and we are going to try

  4. Get yourself I to a senior position as soon as you can! The workload is heavier but you will be running your own department and have more freedom to manage your own time.

  5. Well said – to many people believe everything they see or hear, very easily people can portray a false image of life. Life and work can be difficult, but there are far more positives then negatives. Focus on your well-being. Hard work, consistancy, and persistence in life pays off. When your tired, learn to rest, not quit.

  6. normal to work 16hrs a day at sea,watch officers may have a 4on 8off duty but still have work to do after watch

  7. You’ll remember this as the greatest experience of your life and won’t regret a thing. Stay positive

  8. And when you eventually “go ashore for good” you will long for all those positives and you will ignore the fact that you worked so hard to gain that wonderful experience.


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