Merchant Ship Storm Force 10 !!!



  1. We sailed out from Portsmouth on a cross channel ferry going to St Malo, and as we left Portsmouth harbour, a message came over the tannoy that the harbour was now closed due to a force 8 gale incoming!
    ‘Twas the worst night of my life, the ferry was up/down/right/left, the screws made a drrrrrring sound every time they came out of the water, pitching left/right etc.
    I stayed up all night, wedged in a seat in the lido bar, waves washing up over the ferry front and sides.
    My chap was in our cabin below, and slept the whole night through!!
    The sight of land, St Malo in France the following morning was wonderful!

  2. Night and day all clock around. I always give a cred to the people who fight in the galley. Day after day at sea and at the end you dont care for it so mutch because its a part of the job.
    If you dont like it i think its better to do something else.
    U learn about Mother nature out there both in fury and in the Calm.