Oh My God!
That’s not how you operate the Crane!



  1. Boss ma swell,cino namang gago pinataas pa ang boom,Syempre mag roll yan,kung Pinoy ang nag operate Ndi mangyari,maliban Lang kung Lasing heheheheh

  2. Is the operator on drugs!!?? … Never.. I repeat.. NEVER.. Terminate a crane operator when he or she is still in the box!!!

  3. Obviously, this is a power breakdown with the grab bucket half way up. Note the hatch cover and the other cranes are not moving either. A moderate swell, even when along side can cause the bucket to swing in all directions much
    like a pendulum. The driver should’ve tried to release the pressure on the hydraulic or released the static brakes. In all cases, the operator will not be able think about this!

  4. Hello captain file a protest sa p and i club para sa damage, tawagin agad ang super cargo para palitan ang crane operator ng stevedores, kuh kung greek ang captain panay ang dipa ng kamay at sigaw ng malaka gamuto

  5. Ok guys. Tell me; what would you do as a crane operator on that vessel, swell creating roll and the crane shuts down? Aaaaand, GO!

  6. Loss of power at home causes him to come to work and take his aggression out on his tools…Needs to get a grip and tell his misses who the boss is.

  7. Obviously this was a failure in the crane either electrical, control or hydraulics otherwise the crane operator would have tried to do something as you see by the video there was no movement of the wire/hook, no slew or boom movement, everyone quick to say poor crane operating but no one knows if there is a failure in the crane

  8. If and if he had lose of power he should have done his emergency lowering of boom or auxiliary line or both !

  9. There is an unwritten law that states that anytime somebody is screwing up royally, there will be a bunch of men watching and thinking, WTF?

  10. Lower the boom and put the grab on hatch cover or passage way. I know that runner wires are twisted.u r bsn. I hate some myanmar crews. I also myanmar.

  11. Loss of crane power during operating at anchorage with moderate swell may lead to this situation; even with an experienced operator.

  12. Boom down. This is stevedoring fault allowing trainy crane operator and duty officer should not allow 2 person inside deck crane cabin
    During cargo operations.


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