Safety First

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  1. You all are Right, first of all too many stevadors or whatever only two should be down the hold, secondly the Crane driver should hold the swinging by lower the cargo rest down then lift a bit again then the two people bring the pipes to the place and lowered it,

  2. What’s wrong with 2 tag lines and some genuine effort made to control the whole show. Somebody going to get hurt proceeding like that!

  3. What not to do:
    Too many men in the hold. Too many men near the “move”. Damaging cargo and bulkheads in cargo tank?

  4. Que pedo con los maniobras? Deja tu seguir las normas de seguridad, aunque sea cuidar su vida usando un poco de sentido común

  5. The crane operator dont know how to control the movement of the load change the crane driver right away. Very risky operations .

  6. Insured naman e ? daming tanga.. Pag pinagalitan.. Cla pang matatapang… Pag ginawan report maiyak iyak… Daming tanga talaga

  7. Has nothing to do with the crane. Dude wasn’t even holding the rope tight nor was he pulling it the correct direction. Must be pretty easy to get a Twic card.

  8. Whoever’s operating that crane needs to be re-assigned a different job they can handle– like cleaning the head(s).


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