Shocking Video of Penguins living on an Island made of Plastic Waste



  1. Gentoo penguins are around Antarctica, main population is on the Falklands Islands. I doubt you will find islands of plastic on those latitudes. And it would be broken up by the sea, no doldrums.

  2. It’s Fake but if you want to help the problem put a 5 cent deposit on plastic beverage containers.You won’t be able to find one in a landfill,much less the ocean.Greenies you want to do something besides talk here’s your chance.Especially now that Fake Global Warming has been debunked.You need a new cause.

  3. It’s not shocking. Go there and play penguin whisperer. Interview them, talk to them 1 on 1, cuddle with them. I’ll bet you find that they like the plastic island. In fact, I’ll buy you a one way ticket.

  4. They look to me to be quite happy there frolicking in the plastic,kinda how they did before there was that other made up thing umm oh yea global warming bwahaha where would they ever hide from the seals and whales if we had not provided this beautiful place for them yeaa go penguins!!????

  5. I mean… On the plus side at least they have somewhere to live while all the polar ice caps are melting.

    I feel awful saying that. I love this planet. We’re disgusting… especially me for making that joke.


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