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  1. Not too sure who mentioned the Air in the rank was toxic. Man could also be safety watch topside, and welding work could be going on within, requiring ppe for safety watch.

  2. How is he suppose to breath in toxic environment? Where is his clean oxygen supply? You post tank entry and safety first and show us a picture of a crewmember who is going to enter a tank.

  3. To be fair this has nothing to do with the actual tank entry the mate was simply about to follow the Chief Engineer into the toilet and it was curry night last night!

  4. Mind now, who said this was an oxygen deficient atmosphere? I see what looks like air lines bowsed into the hatch so it is probably maintenance work being carried out. In which case the space will have been ventilated tested and certified safe for the work being done.

  5. Not an oxygen mask, no safety harness for vertical rescue purposes, no lanyard, no tripod stand, no barriers, no personal gas detector, no exhaust fan, no evidence of equipment fo rescue from CS, no stretcher at work site, .. and so on…
    Shitty job…


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