Working Aloft



  1. I’m absolutely shocked watching this video…. Been at sea 28 years and have always tried to uphold safe practices and a propagate a responsible attitude towards safety among all that I had under my responsibility. I’m both saddened and disheartened to see this……I mean look, neither of them are wearing hard hats!!!!!! ?

  2. This work is usualy done while in harbour.
    Don.t want to know what kind of so called captain or chief allowed this, but safety is close to 0 as well.. since this is not fun nor useful in any constructiv way somebody should report them.

  3. What the Hell , all concerned from master down should be sacked and never allowed back to sea, i wouldnt trust them to stack shelves in a supermarket, unbelievable lack of awareness of health and safety and no regard for life.

  4. Perfect crew…No life jackets and no complaints. There must be an understanding with the ‘Mate’ and the ‘Old Man’…. if the paint job isn’t any good then the ropes get cut. They didn’t even spill any paint!!! I’ll have them any day.