Working Aloft



  1. Imagine how much safer, faster, more efficient this job could be done if these people didn’t have a life hold with one hand. There’s no hiding the concern on those faces. ?‍♂️

  2. I’m absolutely shocked watching this video…. Been at sea 28 years and have always tried to uphold safe practices and a propagate a responsible attitude towards safety among all that I had under my responsibility. I’m both saddened and disheartened to see this……I mean look, neither of them are wearing hard hats!!!!!! ?

  3. Oh look its a philipino how rare ,track this company down and fine them to the hilt .shame on the mate who has made that so ,name and shame him / her.

  4. This work is usualy done while in harbour.
    Don.t want to know what kind of so called captain or chief allowed this, but safety is close to 0 as well.. since this is not fun nor useful in any constructiv way somebody should report them.

  5. What vessel is this..TOTALLY no safety at all. This is against all humanitarian issues. Work like this is done alongside port or at anchorage…???

  6. Stages and Bosun’s chairs are banned in most 1st world registers but this is criminal. I remember doing this sort of thing as a Cadet and thinking it was just part of the job.

  7. This is all crap, not in a million years this would happen, sack the one over the side, sack the one doing video, and sack chef officer

  8. This is not a safe working practice for working aloft or over the side. The one who gave this job order is totally insane and stupid. This job should be done at anchor or while alongside.

  9. Heb ooit wel een keer gezien, dat bij een nieuwbouwschip dat richting Delfzil werd gesleept de schilders nog buiten boord hingen. Voor de bruggen werden de steigers telkens snel even binnen boord gehaald.

  10. Safety of our crew members should be our first priority. Sadly to see still masters allow this procedures while underway.

  11. I thing they stolen the vessel, that’s way they changed the name of the vessel during the vessel sailing…… Stupid numore Uno.

  12. I agree with a all the coments is totally crazy to do this work while te vessel is out at sea and in motion, I wonder what conpany is insuring this sihip

  13. Just going to post, robert . This was never done under way, always along side moored in port . Bosun & mate should be sacked for allowing this.

  14. There not pirates look at there overalls, I did that changing the name on a Zapata tanker. That’s all I have to say about that.

  15. What the Hell , all concerned from master down should be sacked and never allowed back to sea, i wouldnt trust them to stack shelves in a supermarket, unbelievable lack of awareness of health and safety and no regard for life.

  16. Perfect crew…No life jackets and no complaints. There must be an understanding with the ‘Mate’ and the ‘Old Man’…. if the paint job isn’t any good then the ropes get cut. They didn’t even spill any paint!!! I’ll have them any day.

  17. I think they r changing vessel’s name God knows why.the owner,master and chief officer shud b taken to task by international organizations. Painting while making way ma ma mia!! Capt nauroze

  18. It is actually not about being super hero but it is about the safety of humans on board , I think whoever responsible allowed this to happened should be sacked “Kicked off ” the vessel .

  19. Total abuse of the Pilipino Crew! Shame on that Captain! As some one said Changing name! It makes me angry and very sad!

  20. yaa!! stupid. that not safety for work. ch.officer mind blow ha? that is must be done at anchorage. risk assessment also not approved for that activity.

  21. This work is normally undertaken when the vessel is secured alongside in port…not while underway!! I’m 99.99% sure that SOLAS would NOT endorse this activity.


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