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Video : DRONEProject Srl

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  1. These boats are a world apart from the 27′ Catalina we used to race around the buoys on Biscayne Bay, in the late 70’s-early 80’s. I’d be terrified but would love every minute to be on one of THESE boats!

  2. Mike Cooper actaul footage of us catching up with Johno Byres, the exciying bit when you could smell his pipe baccy

  3. The reason I post is selling videos is because selling was a big part of my life from many many years I moved on board my 1st sailing yacht 1969. These new boats move at such a pace it’s absolutely incredible it blows my mind.

  4. Can someone explain why this is legal? To initiate surfing is obvious, but isn’t there a limit to attempts? I count 6.


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