From the Volvo Ocean Race Headquarters in Alicante, Genny Tulloch and CEO Knut Frostad catch up live with the entire fleet live, via satellite, as they near the Mt. Everest of sailing, Cape Horn.

We hear from the top four as they round, as well as from Dongfeng Race Team on their recent dismasting, and from Team SCA about their Cape Horn ETA. A ground-breaking first for live coverage in such a remote location!



  1. 1:35:20
    "I sent them an email…. to say if they needed rescuing we were behind them, but we were only going to take the good looking ones" ….
    I think that's pretty funny, but it's somewhat ironic that if the guys said that about the women, they'd get castigated for harassment, treating them as objects, or whatever…

  2. Jive refers to dance, gibe refers to turning the stern of a sailing boast through the wind. What I am hearing is jive. I suppose it could be thought of as a "leading a merry dance" but I find it disconcerting.

  3. Great Coverage, but is it correct to call it a Chinese jibe when it involves the Chinese sailing team. Not to be PC but wouldn't "Broaching" or a "Death Role" be the correct term.


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