On Tuesday 25 October, legendary female sailors Dee Caffari and Tracy Edwards were LIVE in the Sky Sports studio to discuss the recent rule changes around women in the Volvo Ocean Race. Footage courtesy of Sky Sports Sportswomen.



  1. I don't think that deep about the rules change. I am just happy that some old traditions possibly get mixed up. And hey, the boys who want to be on their own still can, so what are we talking about? The past years have shown, that doing nothing leeds to … well nothing. Sometimes minds have to be forced for rethinking. So lets be excited what will happen.

    I am looking forward to see this sport become a paragon for other sports as well.

    I know that this is not the professional point of view, but by myself I always enjoyed sailing more with women on board. Not because of their physical strength (that they definetely can have; more than most men that calling themselves sea dogs) but because of their social and tactical skills.

    Thumbs up for VOR and thumbs up for the rules change.