In a start full of action, the Volvo Ocean 65 fleet burst out of Alicante bound for Lisbon – with Dongfeng leading the boats out of Spain. Next stop? Portugal. Watch the full replay of the day’s coverage.



  1. Yes folks, gather around, because once again the circus is in town…… I love sailing, but this is such a stupid
    commercial game. Remember Frank Zappa ??? "" We're only in it for the money "" Haha. Nevertheless, it will bring
    some astonishing ocean footage !! So…..enjoy….I guess…..

  2. Toughest sport? Toughest race? Seen how fat and out of shape some of them are – 1:56:59for instance!! Have you guys ever watched sports like cycling – Tour de France perhaps?

    It's a bit of a spectacle sure and yes it can be a bit tough at times but it sounds like the truth is getting bent out of shape in the commentary.

  3. Great to see another edition of the Volvo Ocean Race begin. I wish that the organization could find commentators who are knowledgeable about sailing and able to explain concepts like dagger boards, leeway, canting keels, and such. There was some attempt at covering those subjects, but I felt that the explanations were not done well. For instance, while discussing the dagger boards there was hardly any mention of their use in reducing leeway.

    I sure hope that Team Brunel does well this time, as Bowe Becking really deserves a win. He would be a good commentator, I think, as he is fluent in English, speaks well, and has more experience in the race than anyone else.

  4. That's a load of horse shit! Women were not denied participation because of a "lack of Volvo experience" as you say at 13:03. They were denied participation because women are not as strong nor do they have the endurance of a man…….. And who is at "fault" for that?? YES the blame lands squarely on Volvo Ocean Race's decision makers by continually reducing the number of crew allowed. When you're only allowed a very small crew (less than you SHOULD HAVE) you absolutely must have every single one of them be the strongest, smartest and have the highest endurance you can possibly find. And that unfortunately excludes women by comparison.

    And at 11:53 you say "its been embraced by all the teems"?!?!? Again a bold faced lie. It was ramrodded down their throats. They didn't have any choice in the matter. Just as they had no choice when you brainiac's decided to turn this into a "spec" class race. "OH the developmental cost is too high" "By limiting cost out lay we will increase participation" "By switching to a one boat design we will have more teams"…………. Yeah? How's that working out for ya?? If the rules hadn't been changed to put men at a huge disadvantage, there would have been less teams this year than the last open class race 11-12………….

    Terrible job this year too. By setting the crew allotments you are saying women are only worth just over 1/2 of a man…….. (7 male crew VS 11 female crew……….) When one of the greatest sporting events in HUMAN history is ruined by Political Correct culture is a VERY sad day indeed.