Legendary competitors of the past reminisce over their most outstanding moments of races gone by.



  1. Scale up an unreasonably overpowered Aussie skiff, but with the movable center of effort made possible by the recent (in my lifetime) advances in material technology, and you get clipper-beating 24-hour runs. With fewer crew. And, ceteris paribus,
    much lighter boats.(Granted, many of the current crop of crew are apparently overfed. Hey, it's their lifetime. (That whole 12-m thang.)) But crew sail boats. 'Nuff said.
    No possible crewmember today is a veteran of the American Civil War, the war we all fought here to end the enslavement of Africans in the cotton industry (and to a much, much smaller extent, the production of mixed agriculture in uneven terrain.) So, to a degree, the longer the race (think circumnavigation), the more important is equity with crew from prize-winners.
    No duh.
    Can you say "Captain Cook"? "Leif Erickson?" "Amundsen?"
    I think you can.

  2. Like sailing in some kinda ocean only planet in a far off galaxies that's what I think the moment I watch this video . 2017 Southern Ocean Volvo Sailing prompts me to start searching in YouTube . You guys must have the nerve and balls of steel to accept the challenge . Me ? I'm no sailor . I'd rather be on the safety of the Terra Forma . Good luck fellas !