Nine months. Four oceans, five continents. Over 40,000 nautical miles. There’s a reason why they call the Volvo Ocean Race the world’s toughest ocean challenge – and here it is. A trophy desired by so many, but lifted by so few, every three years, the best sailors on the planet step out of the comfort zone to truly test themselves against Mother Nature.



  1. The speech

    Here is to those with salt in their blood, their sweat and tears.
    To those who know that there are other firsts, more valuable that being up the front.
    Who can create, from inexperience, and experience without compare.
    Here is to those who can be singular, even when responsibility is shared.
    To the friendships, to the rivalries, and the personal victories, so long in the making.
    Here is to those who take pride in every tiny action, knowing every contribution, creates a greater whole.
    Who live the rhythm of the days and waves for hours to sleep, to work, and hear the breathing of the world.
    Here is to those who face the unforgiving ocean.
    When all the while the second is take away.
    Who despite their own mistakes and those of others, hold fast and strive to win another day.
    Here is to the men and women that live beyond their limits.
    Who ride the wave of fortune´s pitch and toss.
    Who face greatness and conquering it take some of that greatness upon themselves.
    Here is to those faced, and won against, all doubt and fear.
    And in that sort of blood, and sweat, and tears.
    They who have found what it is to be alive.