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  1. alguém já mostrou para vocês como são os bairros da cidade de itajai? garanto que só mostraram o centro pra vocês! nos bairros onde moram a maioria das pessoas pobres que trabalham duro! elas não tem saúde de qualidade! as ruas são precárias são cheia de lama e buraco!!! é uma calamidade publica as ruas dos bairros!

  2. Great coverage, thank you so much. LOVED the mini documentary of the film crew down at Cape Horn!! Could you do something like that for the port accommodations logistics? Where do the crew stay, the families, how do they decide on whether the crew stays together or not, if someone flies home and back – details, sponsor obligations, does someone visit the ports years in advance to arrange, food challenges in foreign ports, language challenges, all especially in foreign ports. Thank you!! Best coverage in VOR yet. PS – yay Brunel!! Well deserved win.

  3. Hi! 🙂 you should put subtitles in every video's of the VOR because it's not easy to understand/hear the skippers when they are sailing, so much noise around..! Combined to the fact that they all have very differents accents ! You've subbed the chilean man when he was speaking english and it was understandable. But you don't sub just as an exemple the spanish of the race. And youtube automatic sub are pretty bad.


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