Niall Myant-Best and Conrad Colman go live from Race HQ to look at all the moves and highlights from the water on day 6 of Leg 1 – and chat to Volvo Ocean OBR Richard Edwards about life onboard Dongfeng Race Team.

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  1. I am really missing the footage of the on-board reporters. In the last edition of the VOC we really got to see HD footage of the life on-board the boats, almost reality-show-like. The reports are nice, but the main reason I was following VOC was because of the actual footage from the boats. This is a little like figuring out what happens during a football match, when you don't see the actual game but only discussions in a studio.

  2. Last race was every day we went aboard with the OBR's… now we liten to these guys yap and yap and yap and yap.

    Sorry folks, we watch this channel to go aboard and be part of the race. This is just like over played TV.

    Am i missing something? Is there a playlist like last year I am missing? I cant stand these guys, its like watching CNN

  3. I'm really struggling to watch this sports commentator show. I miss the production and thoughtfulness that was put into documenting the last Volvo Ocean Race 2015-16. Even after the race was completed, the episodes were entertaining to watch. I can't imagine anyone wanting to watch these live updates a few months from now. Share with us the stories behind the sailors.

  4. The show improves with each episode. I am enjoying it more and more. Would really like if you had a summary with animations of the last 24 hours on the leg, passes, manuvers etc. Giving a static view of where the racers are at the moment of the show skips the important and interesting part of what racing and changes happened in the previous 24 to lead to everyone's current positions.

  5. Although a like the new experts opinion, i miss the content that the onboard reporters provided the last edition, the real life on the boats , crew interviews, going up on the rig, the whole vestas incident while was happening, etc.
    Will that content be a part this year?

  6. Good info and coverage and big thanks for turning the tracker LIVE for the remainder of the leg.    All the switches on the tracker (wind, grid, fleet, etc) are also great for those of us who can't get enough of the VOR.     And this may have already been answered and I missed it, but what's the situation at the Porto Santo North Waypoint?    The tracker continues to show Dongfeng and TSHK/Scallywag passing with the waypoint to port.

  7. Wouldn't it make sense to ask the on-board reporters to at least wipe the lens of the on-board cameras? Ideally you should cover them with something strong and hydrophobic. It's one of the best footage opportunities possible — to get a live view from the boats, but it's pretty much ruined by the water on the lens.

  8. I still think that you're broadcasting for the wrong target audience. The simple truth is the Volvo isn't attracting any new sailors, your viewership is almost entirely people who already know how to sail, read charts, etc, but aren't necessarily with the VO65s. It would be great if you could focus the more instructional aspects of the video on VO65 specific things, as opposed to general sailing concepts