Niall Myant-Best and Conrad Colman go live from Race HQ to look at all the moves and highlights from the water on day 4 of Leg 1 – and chat to Volvo Ocean Race Director Phil Lawrence about a change to the course.

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  1. So nothing personal towards Niall whatsoever..I know you are enthusiastic..But a presenter needs to just be down a level or too. More grounded not so high pitched. You really don't have to OVER EXAGGERATE EVERYTHING.. its a looonng race and you are just gona do my head in sorry mate. Jenny last year was so much better.

  2. I need a hearing aid , come on lads you can do better then this, had to tell the cat to stop purrrring to hear you , he didn't like that. I was wondering when you cross to an on board interview or showing an individual boat could it be possible to put up in a box with hull speed ,wind direction & strength, keeps it more interesting, thanks great show.

  3. Audio is terrible…Please Naill, use a directional Rode Mic or stick yourself a Filmmaker kit on, this studio audio is not acceptable, you guys can do better, come on. Also, Quality of the on-Board camera is really really poor, come on guys, who placed that camera? clearly, the guy who did, has never been on a boat before. Self cleaning lenses?? hello??