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  1. I have been thinking where to post these thoughts. But to my opinion Volvo as a sponsor needs to take responsibility for once and for all for crew safety. As they do for their cars. How is it possible that an over board crew member cannot be located let alone be retreived. From various articles I deduct that John Fisher was only in his wet gear and harness plus life vest i.e. without satelite location equipment. This in itself is unforgivable. Thus Volvo. Think about this: have every crewmember wear a personal epirb at all times. Make it fixed permanently to the safety harness or into any other gear they wear in any situation eg the survival suit. Then create a proximity trigger that triggers the epirb automatically as soon as the epirb leaves the proximity of the boat eg 65 feet. Have an alert procedure and system in place that immediatly wakes up all crew and provides navigation support to the crew. IMHO in 2018 'lost at sea' or 'cannot find him' should not be an acceptable outcome unless offcourse the body has already sunk. Investment in such a system could save the lives of VOR sailers and all the sailors that cannot rely on a professional crew eg minitransat. If you agree with me that Volvo should take responsibility give this comment a thumbs up.