Watch the full Dongfeng In-Port Race Guangzhou as the home heroes Dongfeng Race Team aim to move ahead at the top of the In-Port Race Series leaderboard. The Chinese team goes into this sprint race tied with Spanish boat MAPFRE in first position.

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  1. Oh my … are they racing on wastewater ??? awful ! … I imagine the thoughts at Dongfeng boat when they got stuck "… are we supposed to get into it ???! no way ! we better lose …" 🙁

  2. I really liked being able to have the view on-board but it was really hard to follow this race. It was very difficult to keep track of where the boats were located on the water.

  3. What a bad report this is. Wrong pictures, not action is, bad overview, not exciting. I do understand some technical or legal difficulties in usin glive on board footage, but then to have this bad a coverage, just increadible. Bad mark.

  4. I hate to have to have to say this but the in port coverage has been abysmal – especially for folks living in time zones other than where the race is being held.

    It all starts with emails announcing the results. An option to not be told this would be a nice option. Also nice would be ‘race only ‘ videos without all the festivities. YouTube doesn’t fast forward very easily while the video is still loading.

    Also the timetable for everything should be a separate feature with the option to set it for my local time zone

    Having said all that I love the offshore coverage

  5. Terribly chaotic pictures … the viewer does not know where the current photos are from. Get back to the quality of the links from previous in-port races, please. And why Have you finished the message on the top three ??


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