All the action from start to finish in the MAPFRE In-Port Race Alicante.



  1. Sensacional!. A regata Volvo Ocean Race é sempre uma emoção para os admiradores dos tradicionais monocascos, agora com a adoção dos "foils", e da cambagem utilizando-se os enroladores de genoa, evitando-se assim qualquer contratempo nesta manobra. Muito bom. Parabens a equipe "MAPFRE", pela belíssima vitória. Eu.

  2. These boats are built to handle high seas and strong breezes, so sailing in light air is very trying. A noticeable omission is the spinnakers seen on many sailboats. Those 'parachutes,' as they are sometimes called, are not very useful for the Volvo race, and the limit on sails carried excluded spinnakers, I guess.

    Sometimes, I wish that the Volvo organization would let silence occur during in-port races, as the commentators get to sounding inane trying to keep talking and talking.