When you go to check the outrigger – and end up falling into the Pacific Ocean! That’s what happened to Scallywag rookie Alex Gough on Leg 4 – and it sparked a dramatic rescue operation onboard the Hong Kong boat which saw them get the Australian back onboard in less than 15 minutes! Cool heads on board!

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  1. So many lessons to be learned here . Wearing all black clothing is just plain silly, no life jacket, no locator beacon, not clipped on. If you see this kind of practice on a boat don't doubt yourself, don't give in to peer pressure, just walk away, there is probably lots of other things wrong with the way it's run. I personally know two sailors who have lost friends and crew mates during a race and many more who have gone overboard without safety kit but lived to tell the tale. Those people who lived were never the same again and those who lost their battle with the sea left devastated families behind.

    Your life is more important than winning a stupid race. The sea shows no mercy.