Ian Walker thinks its the craziest thing he has ever done on a boat. Thing is, its not crazy but totally necessary. The Azzam crew make a masterful “at-sea” repair that will hopefully keep them in the race.

Expect more like this to be uploaded to the Official Volvo Ocean Race YouTube Channel in the future. Get all the latest updates on www.VolvoOceanRace.com



  1. You guys crying about the boats needing repairs do not understand cutting edge design. Sure their boats break, but when they do, the engineers learn something new and incorporate it into the next design. Without failure you can't truly learn the weaknesses

  2. Excellent video but it's a shame it's about repairs rather than actual racing!! Next time designers should remember the Volvo Ocean Race is about endurance around the world not pure speed.

  3. My 30 year old moody could take 100x more than that. vo70's are pathetic. However don't stop putting repair videos on! They are good to watch and learn. TOP JOB! 😀

  4. That says it all really "This is a yacht racing competition, not a boat building competition"
    Volvo should have set stricter requirements for the boats.
    Very disappointing….

  5. Its not difficult to build a carbon/foam sandwich core properly but it appears that this work is being done by people who don't know what they're doing. This is supposed to be the most competitive yacht race in the world and now it's turned into the "how to repair your boat at sea" contest. What a joke.

  6. So that's 4 out of 6 boats now with problems on this leg alone?? I just hope VOR HQ take note at how disappointing this race has been so far. These boats either need to be specced down at the design stage or built better.

  7. Please add 100kg to the Boats next time, so they withstand one leg without repair. Could not make this much difference in speed, when you look at the time they spend for repairs.

  8. Neat idea ingeniously executed. Fair play to Azzam's crew. These new generation O70s are obviously not strong enough. It seems to me that 'speed' has been the overriding design driver and ironically the net result is that we haven't see enough racing. I'd rather see slightly slower speeds if it increased the chances of more sustained racing.


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