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  1. Where is the finish line at Melbourne, Is it outside the entrance to Port Phili[ Bay aka "The Rip" or do they have to go through potentially the treacherous ebb tide at the Rip. The entrance to Port Phillip Bay is really dangerous at the ebb tide and should really only be attempted at slack water. The RIP is narrow entrance to Port Phillip Bay and has some very significant and sudden changes in depth which causes very dangerous conditions, especially in the strong ebb tide. Our local ocean races all have to start near the entrance to the bay and are never finished inside the bay because it could be so dangerous. Melbourne itself is about 50kM from the entrance and is the centre of the population.

  2. Christmas eve here in the States is Sunday (24/12/17). My question is where is Net Neutrality? (You Tube may be compromised in a big way.) On another note a big Thank You to Jim Clark for generously accommodating the Sydney -Hobart race – BOXER DAY (26/12/17)with the presence of Comanche ! ~~~ Course Jim, with your political disposition (expressed through the name of your boat and it's association with the Koch family here in the USA) I hope that you understand what Net Neutrality means for the world in general and for the citizens of the USA. … just saying… and ~~~ Happy BOXER DAY to the people of Australia !