Join Niall Myant-Best and Sam Matson behind-the-scenes at Race HQ as they look at what’s happening on the water in Leg 4.

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  1. If you’re looking to piss off the drone crowd, making a statement like “Launching them; well, there’s no special skill involved” will do it. 🙂

    As a drone pilot (3 DJI drones), I think I see what you’re trying to say, but you’re really oversimplifying the issue. There’s no landing pad on the boat, so all take offs and landings are likely done by hand. Certainly easier during calm wind than not, but you’re still hanging onto a very angry, 3lb, spinny/choppy thing that hurts if it tilts over funny and nabs a hand or arm. And landing a drone, on a boat, in your hand, and not taking out sails, sheets, crew members, etc. is quite the skill, especially when the boat is moving at any kind of speed. Hats off the to OBR for getting the footage that we all appreciate, and not killing anyone or losing the drone. 🙂

  2. Team Brunel have mentioned that they are a few knots slower in high winds (25 knots+). They seem to match the rest of the fleet in less wind. What could be the reason for this? Could there be a problem with their boat? Or do other teams have better sail setups and are pushing harder?