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  1. I think the death of Fish is tragic, all sailors will feel the same… But what no one at VOR command will talk about is the fact that He was not tethered at the time….. and that this is normal practice to move about the cockpit untethered. As a sailor that has done a lot of offshore racing in Bass Strait and around Tasmania, we have always been trained to hook our tethers on as we climb out of the cabin into the cockpit, and remain tethered all the time whilst on deck.. I don't understand why 3 point tethers aren't used by all VOR crews……. why not ???? The other obvious question is why aren't the crews supplied with a trackable beacon so that their boat can turn around and home into a signal from the man overboard. One more thing with a one design round the world racing yacht, why isn't the boom designed at a height above the deck so it will clear a crew members head when standing fully upright??? It would seem the small loss of performance would be worth it for the safety of all the crews and just plain logical…. especially as these crews are sailing in a fairly fatigued state most of the time….
    I patiently await your answers VOR head quarters………….

  2. I'm sure the rules allow for this but its weird to see outside help in this way. Takes the charm out of it a bit. And are they actually allowed to finish this leg? They used the engine right? How about putting a ship on strategic place to bunker food and fuel? How about a drop off point to get rid of your heavy southern ocean sailing gear?