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  1. Isn't it really just that TToP is a SLOWER Boat? Right? Something with the rig or the weight or the rudder? Just a slower boat. That's all. Come on VOR people. Just admit. TToP has a hull or build flaw that no one is admitting. It has parts that were made of metal rather than Carbon Fiber. Yea… That's it. Not the same boat.

  2. Niall, nothing unfortunate about where they finish each leg , they are out of their league when it comes to competing with the top 4 boats ( just like scallywag ) when are you going to realise that you are barking up the wrong tree , yes I know Dee is a compatriot of yours and you poms like to stick together , but this is a cruel reality check for Dee , she has done some great sailing solo and we admire her for that , but unfortunately she has not got what it takes to beat the likes of Bouwe , Charles or Xabi.
    I do feel sorry for the team and in my view they should be ahead of Vestas and Scallywag who have not completed all the legs , but as previously quoted, the scoring system for this race sucks .