Niall Myant-Best goes live from Race HQ to look at all the moves and highlights from the water on day 5 of Leg 2 – after one of the most epic starts in Volvo Ocean Race history.

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  1. Much improved quality in the last few days, especially nice with the pre-recorded interviews! (and Ithought it was good to begin with!)
    It would be nice with a bit more focus on the boats positioning, who's losing/gaining, who's in good wind etc, right now this seems more like an adventure cruise then a hard competition.

    To clarify, it would be a bit like if Formula One commentators spent most of their time interviewing drivers about how it is to drive the car and what their future plans are (the drivers will never give any satisfactory answers to this) instead of utilizing the "skypad" to actually show us what is going on.
    What is the difference between a fast helmsmen and a mediocre one? Who is performing in the teams and who should be replaced? Why is TTOP last (to my eye it looked like they went too far east but this has not been commented on, despite being a quite obvious tactical mistake)?

    As I said, very nice coverage from a technical and enjoyment standpoint though, just think about the fact that this is a competitive sport, we want drama 🙂