Since 1973, winning the Volvo Ocean Race has been an obsession for the world’s best sailors – and is widely regarded as the toughest test of a team in professional sport. Racing over 45,000 nautical miles through the harshest conditions on the planet and with sailors cramped into a 65 foot carbon fibre boat, the race is a top-level sporting challenge and a survival test bordering on a psychological experiment. Despite this, the hardest part is getting to the start line – and this documentary follows the journey of the seven teams competing in the 2017-18 edition from a year before race start, right up to the start gun in Alicante in October 2017. Who will add their name to the list of legends engraved on the trophy?

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  1. These boats are unsafe and the recent collision with the Hong Kong fishing boat proves it. I hope the family of the fisherman sues the pants off the owners and crew of Vestas 11th Hour Racing, the boat that caused the collision. Looking into criminal charges would also be appropriate.

    Nobody can sail at 20 knots to windward, spray flying over the bow, the boat bobbing like a cork, the crew covering their faces every time spray comes flying back at them faster than the speed of the boat, stinging and causing them to not keep a good watch. These boats are a menace to the crew and to safety at sea and should be banned. This is not sailing, any more than extreme skiing is skiing. It is sad that the Volvo Ocean Race (formerly the Whitbread) and the America's cup races have been prostituted by billionaires whose egos are bigger than the oceans.

    To add credibility to my opinions, I am a 74 year old lawyer, USCG 100-Ton license, with over 100,000 sea miles.

  2. Guys this is really awesome coverage…please keep up the good work. What would be very interesting when doing a coverage of the boats shipyard, would be to present a deep dive regarding the Volvo Ocean 65, with it sails and when they are used. Or some coverage regarding the life on board like food, different kind of shifts on different boats etc.

    Really enjoying it!

  3. When the sailboats come into the doldrums, the mutual distances between the runners, ships lying on the other chasing-riders, who are not affected by it, because they are not yet in the doldrums, does not it? With others, the race starts again, another phase and battle that starts again whoever could take the lead, becomes the new leader and in a different order than it is now. The doldrums, windy, west wind, which course is it best in the doldrums to get the best return from this? What skills should the sailors have? Who is the best man or woman in this phase or part? The man / woman of the navigation determines course, the men, women who set or drop the sails, and set up the sails? Who determines that all in this team?

    Another question, that is, is because the ships are in the doldrums, what skills is expected of the team that makes the service? How are the sails placed in order to get the west wind? The front sail how is it placed to keep the west wind off, so do not set the course to the west and how are the middle and last sails placed so that the west wind makes a kind of contrast east wind in the sails to to get east to Cape Town or play this after the doldrums?

  4. Would you mind interviewing the non-native english speakers in their native language and put subtitles?
    This would reinforce the international feeling of the race and perhaps help some not very expansives sailors to better express themselves.
    This is what you had done in 2011-2012 and it was really nice.

  5. Enjoy the first instalment of our new monthly show called Volvo Ocean Race RAW, We are starting with a 45-minute Pre-Race Documentary that will take you all the way to the start of the race in the months leading up to the race. Following from this, we will have a 26-minute monthly show that is all about the sailing and life onboard. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss any of the action! Just click this link > < and hit subscribe!