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  1. I don't know why the sheeting, sails, and rudder can't be automated and the crew replaced with sandbags on lines to be winched from side to side, or even why they are still there with swinging ballast, stupid, unnecessarily labor-intensive way to sail about otherwise, but i guess idiots need to put on a show, so they have something to slur about at the yacht club. A tiny circuit board with a few gyros and a couple stepper motors or servos can fly a plane or balance a Segway scooter, and have for some years now, so the excessive size and crewing of sailboats coupled with tons of carbon fiber is some weird version of inbred, or retarded.

  2. Kelp Cutters. Just a blade on the leading edges, or an internal blade that is lowered by line or rod. On both designs, it doesn't have to travel the entire length, just the top 1/4. Most kelp works its way up to the keel. I have one on my prop shaft, it even cuts lines. I have lots of other designs and innovations, at

  3. An idea/question for future video. Who is the Tallest Helmsman and Shortest Helmsman? Are their visual advantages different standing at the wheel(with low breeze and high wind-lean). Maybe a side by side video showing vantage point of different height helmsman would be interesting and does it make a difference in any regard. Do the Helmsman adjust the step they stand on for height as well at angle/leann. How do they do that? Thank you for all you do to make these videos interesting.

  4. Nice to see Conrad back
    I always look fwd to his coverage , much better when you are not around . His experiment are always very good with a little humour put into it .
    He has the ability to put some of the sailing science in layman’s terms so that every body can understand , his demonstration on what clouds do the other day was second to none .
    Go the Kiwis