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  1. MantoK….Thanks , " Thinks " So if electronics are used , as suggested, thus making it much easier to trim fore+aft and side roll and combined w speed control to maximize best plane ,then all that remains is for Sailmakers to design the polar to pull at best for the direction intended keel position , Add some bio-freindly-washing-up liquid dispensed automatically at the bow := Greater more smooth + straighter – line speeds …….Patent pending ! Cheers , Any other thoughts on advancing basic sailing ?{same tactics for + – 100 years }.@robinkenward

  2. If Pitch / hull trim is controlled automatically, as well as side to side roll ,surely straight line speed
    must be better average, on a smooth curve Rhum line course > versus violent 90* multi – jibing course ????
    and saving of energy and damage minimized in high wind w banging hull conditions ………….. Answer plse .!
    insta @robinkenward

  3. Is there a reason why the boats don't have a flat, triangular plate on the top of the deck at the bow, to prevent the bulk of the water from coming over the deck? Seems like a bow plate with the correct shape could turn some of that water into forward propulsion, but most importantly, make for safer sailing.