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  1. Sun Hung Kay Scallywag's choice for navigator is not paying off.
    In general the Information on "Daily Life" is scarce, and there is hardly any coverage at all in-port! I get the impression that the organization in Spain is weak, while reporting, when it's happening is OK. And then there are these Spanish vlogs! What is this?
    This is an international event, NOT a Spanish one, so report in f.cking English!

  2. I view this race with AWE and am so aware of so many of the issues that surface. However, it seems like those responsible for the script have really missed so much. I look at all of this more from the perspective of the media coverage for putting a man on the moon. (or think of Tom Hanks acting etc for the Apollo 13 movie). I so appreciate attention to the gender issue. I think by default you address national diversity and the concept of the EARTH as a community. I love this. BUT (just saying) people in the USA are ignoring this event. Ken Read introduced Comanche (the 100 foot mono hull sled with a wall of carbon fiber driving at 35 knots where ever it goes) with a comment about Bob Kraft and the New England Patriots. No kidding. This one comment or slight reference by Ken in his Sydney… Comanche introduction (next to Wild Oats by the way) prior to the Sydney – Hobart race absolutely blew me away. I think it is one of the most pivotal moments in my life. Please continue to support your crew. Let them be heroes. Continue to inform the world about who they are. USA is not represented too well which is interesting in itself. Why does Sophie have a USA affiliation? Sophie and Dee are my heroes. They just are. Does Annalise Murphy know how significant her involvement is for the USA? (probably not) We in New England are Irish. We just are. OK I'll stop my rant. Thank you so much Volvo people! You are spinning GOLD!