Leg 4 takes the fleet head from Melbourne to Hong Kong, a new host city for the 2017-18 edition. A complex route provided challenging conditions in trade wind sailing, monsoons and the dreaded Doldrums.

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  1. Much better coverage for the last race. Longer videos. Also, wow!! I am an idiot new sailor, I know nothing about sailing, but I know once you spot the overboard sailor, someone is supposed to continually point at that sailor and verbalize that you have your eye on him. Maybe they just didn't show that person doing this? Or maybe that is an amateur move?? I don't know, but I kept worrying they would lose that overboard guy again!

  2. This programme is only 23 minutes long. The last episode was a month ago. The Volvo Leg documentaries used to be an hour long… It's become a long wait for a very shallow and rushed summary of the legs, where are the post leg interviews?? The coverage of this edition is simply not as good as previous races…