In our final Building the Future episode the Volvo Ocean 65 is getting fitted out with a high-spec media desk, remote controlled onboard cameras, biometry and navigation data kit.

Check out for yourself how cool the new boat comms are going to be so the guys on board can communicate direct to our fans.

Nick Bice, who’s organising the construction and handover phases also shows Rick Deppe the latest progress on the construction line, with things finally nearing completion on the first boats.

Expect more like this to be uploaded to the Official Volvo Ocean Race YouTube Channel in the future. Get all the latest updates on



  1. This is a well done promotional campaign and it is thrilling that one of the ports that the race will be restocking will be in Newport. Bring it on-we'll be waiting for you!

  2. That's a great idea. I'm sure Rick has enough material in the fourteen episodes to make a single, long format documentary that would be both engrossing and informative. I think these were designed over the last year as teasers, to build excitement and anticipation for the VOR, as well as establish an online presence, generate buzz, and educate the fans about the new boats. For all that, this series was a success. Even without any mention of foam densities…

  3. You're being grossly unfair, IMO, Mike. It should be obvious these videos were meant as a broadly accessible overview chronicling the build of a new ocean-going one-design fleet, aimed at the average or casual VOR fan. Rick Deppe lends an enthusiastic and friendly voice to the series, and his experience as both a sailor and a filmmaker make for enjoyable and informative viewing. I suggest to you that most viewers are fans of sailing, and materials science is at best a secondary interest.

  4. 8 men, 11 women… I don't hear any women sailors complaining about gender equality…
    Apparently the singlehanded sailors are doing it wrong, because there should be two women on board a singlehanded boat

  5. Mike Morley

    Rick Deppe is out of his deppeth presenting this series. There is no depth to the presentation. Take the structure of the rudder, there is no detail, a complete waist of time.

    How is the shell made, what is the foam density, what is the material and construction of the stock, how is the stock bonded to the shell, what is the shape of the stock Get an engineer to present this series,an engineer will understand the need for detail

    I note other comments ask for more detail.

  6. I just wish there was a long detailed documentary about building these boats from start to finish, there's so much going on you could do an hour episode talking about each detail and I wish you would. These videos felt too short.

  7. biometrics?? I love how well I can follow the race these days as compared to 20 years ago or so, but why does everything have to be taken over the top? The livewire site sucked donkey balls the last race. How about they focus on getting that right first.


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