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  1. Personal request time: I'm loving the coverage of this event so far. Between YouTube and Twitter, it's fantastic. However, the request I have is in regards to the clip montages often played as part of these broadcasts. I understand that VOR is trying to attract a younger audience, but would it be possible to have someone put together a highlights clip from the previous leg that is NOT set to overly aggressive and obnoxious techno music, and that uses video clips longer than two seconds. I'm 32, and I'll be honest, some of your montages feel like they might induce seizures. My father is 68, used to be an avid sailor, and I would love to be able to introduce him to this race. Every time I do though, aside from watching a full hour+ arrival/departure, I cannot for the life of me find a shorter duration video that is not clip rapid fire set to techno music. Every time I've tried to show this event to my father, as soon as the clip montage starts, he scoffs and walks away. Even myself, I get sick of it. There's a shot in one of the clip montages where Brunel launches off a wave…and the clip transitions before the boat even crashes down. I WANT TO SEE IT SLAPSH INTO THE WATER FFS. Sorry, rant over. Keep up the great work, but please take this into consideration.

  2. Thank you for this. This has been spectacular to say the least. Beautiful world class boats near the limits of performance with some of the best sailors i have ever seen. Go Xabi, this is your race even if I' m a team Vestas fan. Dongfeng has been the team to beat from the get-go. No shame boys great effort, great race.