Line crossing
3:57:37 – MAPFRE
3:59:31 – Brunel Sailing
4:21:23 – Vestas 11th Hour Racing
4:44:51 – Dongfeng Race Team

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  1. I was totally absorbed on Tuesday morning, not least because the tide played so much of a part in the action.

    The next leg finishes up the Bristol Channel with the 2nd largest tides in the world, and I live a mile or so from it's coast. Hoping for a nice sunny day with little breeze and the chance to get some decent footage.

  2. I don't know why the sheeting, sails, and rudder can't be automated and the crew replaced with sandbags on lines to be winched from side to side, or even why they are still there with swinging ballast, stupid, unnecessarily labor-intensive way to sail about otherwise, but i guess idiots need to put on a show, so they have something to slur about at the yacht club. A tiny circuit board with a few gyros and a couple stepper motors or servos can fly a plane or balance a Segway scooter, and have for some years now, so the excessive size and crewing of sailboats coupled with tons of carbon fiber is some weird version of inbred, or retarded.

  3. Magic Mapfre, unbelievable comeback, amazing skill and stamina for this crew, with all the bad luck they had they still managed to win ! They just sailed through almost the whole fleet, that is really mind-blowing ! And on the other end of the ranking, more painful sailing by TTOP, their choice to go west of the exclusion zone put them directly downwind of the finish !