Watch the full broadcast as the fleet departs Alicante, Spain – next stop: Cape Town.



  1. The starting inshore race through the starting gate…the commentators are going on like this actually matters. The have over 30,000 miles to go. I think this silly game at the start is stupid. Nothing but TV time for sponsors.

  2. Almost everything the "expert" commentators said about the start was dead wrong.  The 'girls' -women? – were discounted at the start, so was Brunel.  This 'girls' bit is so annoying.  Is this because only 'boys' should ocean race?  And by the way, I'm a man (boy?)

  3. Excellent commentary but can you please, PLEASE stop referring to the women on SCA as 'girls.' According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “woman” is defined as “an adult female human being. The counterpart of man." I think we all agree these sailors are the counterpart of the males racing.   


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