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  1. Christ, I'm sure that chick is a brilliant sailor but she's a shit commentator. Next time take questions on Twitter so you have more to talk about…..

  2. Pretty pissed – why did this not cover the whole start through the heads? There is a lead change in between videos, while they are still in the harbour. Volvo, you can do better.

  3. I'm Sorry To Say That This Was By Far The Worst Leg Start Race.
    No Traditional "Around The Cans" Sort Of Action, Just A Long, Boring Single Direction Run & The Video Didn't Even Make The 2nd Mark… Just Sad.

    Also, The Editing Of The Opening Sequence In-Port With These Videos Is Absolutely Brutal. Just Minutes Of One Second Cuts That Never Allow The Eye To Focus & Enjoy A Scene. Very Poor Editing. Someone Should Be Replaced.

    I Love The VOR & Have Been Watching Since The Whitbread Days, However, This Season…


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