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  1. Twitter generation… The scenes from the actual race are really annoying, like watching a teaser trailer. Last volvo race they had proper episodes for each leg and I got immersed as you followed the crew a bit more instead of this 2-3 sec/ one sentence crap from all boats all jumbled together.
    Ok the focus here is the harbour race start uncut, but why ruin the real race? Will there be proper episodes later on? Even so I have already ruined the experience by watcing "social media attention span 2 sec crap" as "Leg X start" and "Leg X RAW review"….

  2. "Turn the Tide on Plastic Boats." Am I the only person who sees a distinct incongruity in a campaign against the use of plastic forming the major feature of a round-the-world race in boats made of the stuff? Ok, so the argument may be that we should focus more attention on the unnecessary use and incorrect disposal of plastics, but that argument is undermined if you say, "Of course, we don't mean responsible users like us." I don't deny the extreme ingenuity and technology that goes into these boats, but didn't it occur to anybody that they might set a better example if they made them out of something else? The essential point about this race is that the boats are strictly one-design, so it would still be a great event and a magnificent achievement for all participants, whatever they're sailing in. These boats will go to the scrapheap in a few years, but the people sailing them now will have no responsibility for how they're disposed of. And talking of pollution of the oceans, don't forget that one of them cut its rig off and chucked it in the Southern Ocean – for the best of reasons, of course, it had to be done, but somewhere it's all decaying into bits that will eventually end up in the digestive systems of marine life.
    Enjoy the race, but nobody should kid themselves that this campaign is much more than a gimmick