This week, the sailors endure the cold and humidity of the tough Southern Ocean. The fleet conveys together again as the boats meet to race alongside the compulsory ice gate. And pushing the boat too hard finally comes at a high price for one of the teams… with the legendary Cape Horn looming around the corner all hands are on deck to push​ even quicker towards the finish line.



  1. At that speed…at that temperature… i know we have modern tech, but you stand a very fair chance of not surviving. I'm serious. If you travel, at that speed, throw something easy to see even, like a neon milk jug…it's nearly impossible after 5-10 minutes. Try it..a formidable indeed.

  2. I appreciate the explanation for us newbies regarding the Chinese jibe at 2:10.  Some questions remain, though.  For example, why would the boat heal to windward?  because of a wave passing underneath?  The video makes it look like the boat healed leeward.  Then, the video says that the mainsail slams over.  Why would the sail slam to windward?  Finally, the video says that the boat ends up on its side with the keel keeping it down.  It seems to me that the keel would provide moment to right the boat.  Any clarification would be appreciated.