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  1. So if your looking for the final live update for Tuesday looks like they don't have one, we got screwed again.
    They went straight to a live broadcast only on the web site or face bogus.
    I'm going to have to search thru them to see if I can get the tracker and see what happened. It was dramatic and I missed it! Thanks guys!
    This is the second leg end in a row we got screwed at the end.
    I have a job so I can't watch while I work so I have to rely on these daily updates. I expect to get one everyday, please!!!!!!
    But they don't read the comments here so little chance of anything changing.
    I'll be really po'ed if they do the same at the end of leg 7!
    Cheers Warren

  2. Random suggestion – if you have the strain gauge data from the boats, it'd be really cool to see an OBR drone clip from the upcoming southern ocean leg that charts some force as the boat pounds waves. Like, how strong is that carbon mast? Might be too nerdy, or secret info, but hey us sailing fans are all kind of nerds and love a good secret right?