With 7 boats refitted, and Team AkzoNobel’s new boat being fitted out, the Boatyard team is on the final stretch of a marathon which has been months in the making. Can they complete the final stretch against the clock?



  1. Nice video and very interesting to see how everything fits together but for god's sake don't put emojis in VOR thumbnails. Its a video about sailing not some clickbait bs.

  2. What happened to the rebuilt Vestas yacht? I hear this team is actually sailing Alvimedica's old boat. Seems a shame to have dragged that thing off the reef, shipped it halfway round the world, and spent all that time and money rebuilding it, just to chuck on the rubbish pile… Was it just no good in the end, despite all that work?

  3. I get it buts seems too much going on with the One design. Starting to remind me of the space shuttle. No one person sailing it knows the whole boat. Kinda weird. what is lost?


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