“If you are determined to be in the sailing game you have to do this Race” – Sir Peter Blake.

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  1. I love sailing!!! I've been hooked since i was quite young, lived on a live-aboard for 10 years. Parents, and a brother (4) on two boats, rafted together with tires spaced smartly apart… worked when i was 12-13, cleaning up a big marina…for a older guy who wanted me to clean the place.. so… 3 months later, 3 tri-axle type dump trucks full… no noke. I got a 15 ft. Sailing dinghy… and $1500 marine store credit. Got 1 extra set of sails w the boat.. bought some materials….my dad taught me how to sand, patch glass, reglass, and re gel coat. I was SKIPPING SCHOOL DAILY….NOT KIDDING, smokin a bit of grass, and talkin girls into skipping w me. Key west florida. '79-'89. Moved up north winter 89-90. 15 yrs old. Those 2-3 years were the greatest of my life …… real talk

  2. I don't understand why more people are not into this.
    It seems to me that people (society as a whole) have lost the sense of adventure that they may have had when they were younger…..so would it be correct to say that the most adventurous types are the biggest fans of the VOR??

  3. Having done such a great job remastering to HD the documentary of the first Whitbread 73-74 race, I hope the VOR people will consider doing the same for this film. In fact, it's difficult to understand how the decision was made to master this in SD… in 2011! It's a beautiful film seen through a glass darkly…

    Much of the older races were shot on film (which looks beautiful in HD), and then native HD video of course was used for races after 2006. The stuff in between should be up-converted fairly easily, especially if it was shot in 16×9 DV, and mastered to Digi-Beta, as was the standard for sport docs of the late 90s/early 2000s. The problematic stuff in the late 70s and 80s can be pillar-boxed and, well, you just put up with 15-20 mins. of poor visuals. It's a terribly good film otherwise: a terrible decision was made to master this down to the worst format quality, rather than tackle the headache of multiple formats and aspect ratios that the rest of us have to deal with all the time in the world of documentary film. 

  4. being in love with this race since I knew about it more than 20 years ago . Nice documental very detailed , everyone should vow at this icons of human characters the determination since the very beginning until today has to be rewarded they deserve to be in the world highest PODIUM ,Thank for the INSPIRATION .