The first one-design Volvo Ocean 65 has been unleashed in the hands of its new owners Team SCA.
Watch one of the most advanced racing sailboats in the world finally let loose on the ocean.

Expect more like this to be uploaded to the Official Volvo Ocean Race YouTube Channel in the future. Get all the latest updates on



  1. I think that is mostly due tot the smaller mast height and the higher freeboard of the VOD65 compaired to the VO70. they have 25 sqr meter less sail area,
    which makes them much safer, and able to sail full canvas longer then the VO70.
    *the VO70 you could sail over there limmit and break them, supposedly the limmits of the VOD65 are much higher and stay in one piece longer

  2. Sorry, posted that before I finished typing – I can't find anything in the news, but I assume you mean a MOD70 has capsized…? Ridiculously over-powered featherweight racing boats tend to do that, of course, every now and then, and it doesn't seem to matter how many hulls they have on the water. Again, I'm not a multihull apologist, but the insistence some people have in denigrating this type of vessel never ceases to astound me. Multihulls are a different type of sailboat. Can we move on?

  3. Apples. Oranges. On so many levels. Please don't start the "sailing purist" vs. foiling multihull pseudo-debate back up here. Please. It was tiring enough on the America's Cup boards. I thoroughly enjoyed watching foiling cats engage in tacking battles on a beat at 30kn. I can't wait to see a canting-keel one-design monohull fleet race around the world. I also enjoy old farts racing clapped-out J/24s on the weekend, long walks in the rain, and poetry about cats.

  4. In the same way, a Formula 1 car wouldn't make it around the first bend of the first race of the World Rally Championship… although it should be pointed out that AC72s were sailed in pretty fresh weather (especially by ETNZ) before the Artemis capsize. For a look at a true transoceanic racing multihull, you have to look at the MOD70s: check out their channel.