Dongfeng Race Team’s brand new Volvo Ocean 65 racing boat came through an ocean test-drive with flying colours. Our own Rick Deppe was on-board to see the boat’s innovative features put to the test in the English Solent.

Expect more like this to be uploaded to the Official Volvo Ocean Race YouTube Channel in the future. Get all the latest updates on



  1. Interesting way that the halyard turning blocks are attached at the base of the mast at 1:38. Is this the latest high-end racing technology – using line rather than hardware?

  2. In the light of your vision "(..) an innovative Dongfeng capable of independent development" a part of the race could be training young and capable Chinese sailors. Sailing and ocean racing creates friends, which we need in the future.

  3. that helm position looks super exposed. wouldn't want to be stood up there while trying to beat into a blow in the southern ocean. Nippy looking boat though, looking forward to vor2014.


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