Conrad Colman looks at what’s happening on the water during Day 4 of Leg 4.

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  1. Hi Guys …I have two questions … these boats are designed by Bruce Farr, what are their comments in terms of design performance vs actual. Secondly, as in most professional sports, we all know that footballers get paid quite a wack, F1 drivers are in the same league … can professional sailors expect the same kind of financial reward as other sports ..??

  2. Thought this was a yacht race that you were covering!! I'm being told all about photography now – yawn. Next you'll be interviewing the WAGs and HABs next about what it's like to have their loved away risking their lives every minute of the day (which isn't even true).

    Here's a thought, how about you tell us what actually has been going on.  We get the tracker but what's with all the crew changes.  Are they all squad rotation and injury? I DON'T THINK SO FOR A SECOND!!  

    If you report what's actually happening, crew dynamics, gossip amongst the teams and sail tuning differences perhaps we land lubbers will start to get a hint of just how difficult racing offshore can be.  The head of Donfeng just said in your latest piece that everyone now knows what their speed advantage was, well WHY NOT TELL US THEN !!