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  1. So surprising, no more news since this!!! We know, next winner will  be DF, what a surprise!!! And SHKS will be the second!!! hahaha The foreigners who live and work in China know very we'll how it works! CONGRATULATIONS, VOLVO OCEAN RACE!!

  2. So apparently there is no Friday update as the race finishes, there was a terrible collision between 2nd place Vestas 30 miles from the finish with a mainland china fishing boat. One of the 12 rescued crew of the fishing boat died. The fishing boat sank. As of Saturday EST/USA morning with all boats finished but there have been no video reports and almost nothing from Volvo ocean race organization. This is a awful news but they cannot go into stealth mode and black out their coverage.
    Maybe there will be a Saturday video posting…..but I doubt it. I am not impressed with the race organization.
    They also don't comment on you tube so this may fall on deaf ears. They only comment on FB. Shame on them.
    Cheers Warren

  3. Where did you go? I missed you yesterday and see you have not posted today. I love your race coverage. I hope nothing has happened to this show and you are taking a short break because of the crash.

  4. I appreciate the live coverage but I don't understand the news black out today. I understand that there has been a tragedy but why keep everyone in the dark? The coverage of the news events of today has been terrible.

  5. While there are congratulations going around, I want to congratulate Niall Myant-Best, Conrad Colman and, importantly, everyone else on the production team, who work so hard to give us Live Updates every day. It's an entertaining, informative and varied show, smoothly presented. I'm also impressed by the hours they work: staying up through the night to bring us live arrivals and always appearing cheerful and professional take is a tough job — comparable to staying optimistic in the Doldrums, even if one gets to sleep in a dry bed. Congratulations on a job well done! Enjoy the break!

  6. In the tracker it would be REALLY COOL if you could change the time to minus numbers & see the winds & currents of hours before, as well as the "then current" positions of the boats with their "future" path dotted. Then nicer to assess whether they made the best choices in the past

  7. Would love some expert analysis of sail configuration and sailing angles based on polar charts for the boats. We have seen some of this in the in port races but little in these reports and I think it would help us to understand the decisions the boats make. You have done a fantastic job with the wind and current analysis and this suggestion might richen the vicarious experience we are all having. Thanks, Dan


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