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  1. They are doing it again, no final daily update! WHY THE HECK NOT? I do not want to fiddle about searching social stupid media to find out the final result!
    I suppose the next think they will suggest is I follow that moron POTUS to get the ‘real fake story’ Ha!
    It totally spoils following the race when they don’t have a final race wrap up show close to the end of the race!
    And what worse ….. they never read the comments from the fans following on YouTube !
    Disappointed (4600 views and counting!)

  2. In hindsight, does Mapfrey and others think after that leg from SA to Aus. with the super strong winds and the stress that the mainsails went through, would it be wise to change to a new mainsail in the future after the experience of the mainsail by North Sails ripping in half on the 7th leg? And why did Mapfrey choose to repair the sail even with a tender so near, when the Volvo crafts sail nearly as fast with only a configuration of jibs? One or two points are always big in such races. Doldrums are always the equalizers. Thanks! Great race! don out.