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  1. My God this interviewer is annoying. He really is a pumped up fool. Someone tell him to fuck off and calm down. This race is not about him.
    I really love sailing but this jerk is a manic half-wit. He is twice the volume of everything else that goes on and 10 times the speed. He is a raving lunatic.

  2. Question: How much strategic help can the crews get from their shore teams? Whether I am competing in an off shore race or watching the kids in their mirror go round the cans at the local club, they are not able to get help (on when to tack etc). What are the rules for the Volvo race?

  3. How about asking Phil to address the question of why is it normal practice to move about the cockpit untethered ? With 3 point tethers available and in use for some years now, it seems the crews could be better equiped…. Or is it just VOR policy to brush all things negative under the carpet and continue on telling the world how great you are and how fantastic the boats are..????? Russell.