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  1. I am not an engineer but a couple of solutions come to mind: put a rake (angle) on the rudders and the sea weed may slide down and then off. Option two which would be more complicated to make, but rudders that can be pulled up and the sea weed would come off once it completely up and out of the water. This solution may would have a secondary benefit of being able to be replaced if damaged. Option three a port in front of the rudders and keel which can be removed/unplugged and a pole inserted to push or pull off the sea weed. Or affix a Katana sword on the leading edges [The last being a joke :)]

  2. Great race, great show! my question for Team AkzoNobel is about nightsailing. When you're at the steer on a nightshift, and there is no visibility to see clouds to steer on, how do you get optimal direction and speed? What decisions does the person at the wheel make? For instance: besides the intuitive feeling of the boat and steering wheel, does he or she steer at the marine instrument indicating the True Wind Direction, and take a certain course towards that? Or is the course direction indicator the first number to hold in account? Please explain that automatic process of racing just right, in divided steps so I can better understand the inside of the one steering at night. and being Dutch myself: good luck to everyone, but the best of luck to the Dutch boats!!

  3. My name is Avery McConnell and I'm 9 years old. My sister, brother and I each follow a different boat as part of a homeschool project. I've been following AkzoNobel. My questions for the AkzoNobel team for tomorrow's Daily Show are: how did you pick the colors for your boat? and what is your favorite freeze-dried meal?

  4. Live tracker is great, but it does lack one feature – the gains or losses with respect to the leader. Short of jotting down the DTL figure for each boat it is hard to see gains and losses. Even an arrow, tracking a time period (1 or 2 hours maybe) pointing up for gaining or down for losing would be better than nothing.