Don’t miss a thing as the seven skippers preview the Leg 10 race from Cardiff to Gothenburg.

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  1. My little mysogynist comment : Seriously Dee, look for sponsors, encourage women to watch women's sports and sponsor it instead of crying behind "bad" men that allow you to run at the highest level. At the last Vendée there was a place available (29 registered for 30 places), everyone said: there is no woman is not normal … but nobody dared to say that if a project, even very small, was presented, it was accepted … the fact is that no woman is presented with a small project. Alan Roura (22yo) with nothing at the beginning managed to mount a project for the Vendée (think to Conrad Colman or Didac Costa who is firefighter at Barcelona) … but women, if they don't have a big sponsor all found…
    Rather than listen to your nonsense, I will look rather if Alexia Barrier and Isabelle Joschke (maybe Justine Mettraux) arrives to take the departure in 2020 and will support them (and Sam Davies of course), but I don't really worry about them, I'm sure they work for that and they'll be at the start line.

  2. I gotta say, while Dee makes a good point about opportunities after the race, implying that the women who are racing may STILL not be treated equally is pretty laughable. Its nothing more than reminding everyone that just because Volvo mandated female participation, they are still "victims"… despite their amazing accomplishments so far.